Slides from Previous Conferences


Donald B. Rubin - For Objective Causal Inference Design Trumps Analysis

Eric Sherer, Robert Bies, and Mark Sale - Genetic algorithm approaches to pharmacokinetic model building

Julie Ma - Robust Inference with Multiple Statistics via Permutation Distributions (Contact author through e-mail)

Brian Smith - Three Ideas for More Quantitative Approach Towards Model Selection

Mark Lavielle - The SAEM algorithm for non linear mixed effects models: Why does this stochastic algorithm demonstrate both nice theoretical and practical properties?

Alan Hopkins and Ying Ou - Case Study: Integration of Biostatistics and Pharmacometrics Computing Platforms

Carl Peck - The Value of PBPK in Drug Development & Regulation

Harvey J. Clewell - Introduction to Pharmacokinetic Modeling

Harvey J. Clewell - Development and Evaluation of PBPK Models

Donald E. Mager - Probing Drug Exposure-Response Relationships Through Translational PK/PD Modeling

Gary L. Rosner - Novel PK/PD Model Design and Therapeutic Translation for Targeted Agents in Oncology

Koon-Poon Wong - Quantification of Glucose Metabolism using Small-Animal Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging

Brandon Whitcher - Bayesian and Frequentist Methods for Compartmental Models in Perfusion MRI

S. Stanley Young - Some results and thoughts on QT studies

Vlad Dragalin - Adaptive Designs

Michael A. Tortorici - Clinical QT Assessment: A Case Study in Assessing QT as Part of a DDI Study: Handling Competing Heart Rate Effects

Amit Rostami-Hodjegan - PBPK: Part II (Continued) - (Available to Conference Participants only. Contact through e-mail)

Jaap W Mandema - Model Based Meta Analysis for comparative effectiveness and endpoint to endpoint relationships

Jing Yi - Bias in Meta-Analysis

Liang Fang and Zheng Su - A Likelihood Based Approach to Dichotomizing a Continuous Biomarker in Clinical Trials

Xin Huang and Qiang (Casey) Xu - Adjusting the Crossover Effect in Overall Survival Analysis Using a Rank Preserving Structural Failure Time Model: The Case of Sunitinib GIST Trial

Poster Abstracts


Peter Bonate -Why Hasn't The Modeling And Simulation Revolution Happened?

Michael Dodds - The use of meta-analysis to improve decision-making from first-in-patient trials in psoriasis

Jay Andersen - Probability Elicitation and Calibration in a Research & Development Portfolio

John (Jianrong) Wu - Assessing Antitumor Activity in Preclinical Tumor Xenograft Model

Paolo Vicini - Modeling and Simulation as a Tool to Bridge from Oncology Discovery to Development: Case Studies

Ken Kowalski - A General Framework for Model-Based Drug Development Using Probability Metrics for Quantitative Decision Making

Lawrence Lesko - Personalized Medicine: Hope, Hype and a Little Statistics

Kurt Zhang - Tumor subtype identification and patients stratification using aCGH data

Brian Smith - Point/Counterpoint – Single Phase 3 trial