Program for 2014

A final program schedule is now available!

The 2014 PaSiPhIC keynote speakers will be David Madigan, Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics, Columbia University, and Malcolm Rowland, Professor Emeritus, University of Manchester.

Conference registration now includes two extended tutorial lectures as part of the program. The first one, “Meta-analysis in the 21st Century: New Methodologies & Applications”, will be delivered by I. Elaine Allen, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at UCSF, Mentor in Quantitative Biosciences at UCSF and Emeritus Professor of Statistics and Entrepreneurship at Babson College. The second one, “Monte Carlo Methods for Modeling and Data Analysis” will be offered by Steven Kathman, PhD, with the Medical Sciences Biostatistics Department at Amgen.

With the tutorials, the program will contain a mix of scientific sessions to "narrow the distribution between stochastic scientists by bringing Statisticians and Pharmacometricians together". Our committee selected several relevant topics, among which: literate programming/dynamic report generation; mixed-effects modeling of biomarker and efficacy data; imaging; QT interval assessment methods; quantitative system biology; biosimilars; multi-criteria decision analysis in comparing a new therapeutic to the competition; physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models; exposure response analysis in oncology.

Past Conference Programs

2012 Program: Our third meeting featured keynote talks by Peter Bonate and Richard Simon, in addition to brief tutorials by Matt Austin (statistical graphics), Jonathan French (Bayesian analysis) and Ken Kowalski (probability metrics), many sessions by industry leaders and an interactive poster session. Slides from talks can be found here.

2011 Program: Keynote talks were given by Donald B. Rubin and Richard Lalonde. Tutorials (both introductory and advanced) were offered on PBPK modeling and adaptive design. Slides from talks can be found here.

2010 Program: Joga Gobburu and Stephen Senn delivered the keynote talks at our first meeting. Tutorials included primers on both statistics and pharmacometrics, in addition to more advanced topics such as clinical trial design and stochastic methods.